Matterport 3D Scanning


Matterport 3D Scanning

Setting yourself apart from the ordinary is the key to success in real estate. Being the first in your market to leverage technology by using a 3D scan gives you the best opportunity to create critical separation between you and the competition.

Viyae’s 3D scan is created by computational photography, and can be a simple and powerful buyer engagement tool.

The typical listing site only has a gallery of photos without any context, while others may contain a floor plan, 360 virtual tours, or a fly through video. Adding a 3D scan to a listing gives the full context of every view in a visually stunning presentation. This allows potential buyers to accurately envision a property.

From a simple web application, buyers can see a photographic floor plan, then see the property from a completely unique 3D floor plan view, getting a complete understanding of the property floor plan before immersing themselves in the interior. Once inside, they  can move around naturally as the would in person, see the property from any perspective, and get a real feel for what the property is like. It is just as easy to zoom in or out of the 3D floor plan at any time.

Instead of making the buyer jump from picture to picture, or click between individual virtual tours, a 3D scan engages the user in space as they move from room to room. Unlike fly through videos, buyers are in complete control of what they see.

We can quickly and easily capture your property, and create a completely immersive, interactive, photo quality experience. It’s the next best thing to being there.

How can it help my listing?

Impress existing and new homeowners and gain new listing by using the latest technology

Less time wasted when if a buyer finds the property unsuitable

Can eliminate need for numerous open houses

Limit your return trips to a property to re-show to the same potential buyers friends/family

Showcase the property to out of town buyers with greater ease

Explore numerous listing from one location

Free up time showing properties, and have the ability to handle more listings

Increase security by limiting the access to the property

Cut down travel just to show a “maybe client”

A great way for your team to see multiple properties without actually visiting them

A memento for the homeowner after the property is sold

Here are a few sample properties

Click on the play button in the middle of the screen. For instructions, click on the ? in the top right hand corner


Medium Size Home

Large Home

Commercial Property

Outdoor Scan

Office Space

Virtual Reality is now available for your Matterport scan

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