FAQ Floor Plans

How long does it take to do a measurement?

Generally it take on average around 30-60 minutes per 1000 square feet. If the home is open concept and well spaced, this will most likely speed up the process. If the home is cluttered with lots of small rooms, then additional time may be required. We require no movement while we are scanning a room, so please ensure people or animals are vacant at this time.

How do you make your measurements?

We use a 3D scanner combined with a digital laser measurement device to give an accurate floor plan. Gone are the days of using a tape measure.

Do you require access to every room?

In order for us to provide accurate plans we will require access to the complete property. If this is not available, we can give an estimate for that area, and this will be noted on the floor plan.

What do you measure in the property?

We measure the inside of the property, and the thickness of the external walls. We follow the ANSI Z765-2003 method for calculations of family residential building. A copy can be downloaded here.

Do you measure decks and garages?

Yes we do. These areas are considered additional spaces and will not be included as livable space. Some internal rooms such as cold rooms or wine cellars may also not be included as livable space.

Can I make changes or tweaks to my floor plan?

Yes you can, however there may be additional costs involved. If you have something specific in mind or you would like to label rooms or areas something unique, please let us know before we complete the work. With 3D floor plans, it takes quite a lot of work to make minor changes, and this may result in additional costs and delays.
What is the turnaround time?

Basic floor plans are generally ready the next business day. For complex and premium 3D plans, additional time may be required and these are generally available within 2 business days. Please let us know if you are in a rush and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

How much notice do you need for a cancel or rescheduled?

We require 24 hours advanced notice for a cancellation or if you need to reschedule. Our technicians are very busy and appointment times need to be booked in accordingly. If the home is not ready or excessive delays happen while we are measuring, then we may need to re-book, and this will most likely result in additional fees. Please see our terms and conditions for further information.

To make sure everything flows smoothly, keep your client informed of what to expect when we arrive

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