FAQ Interactive Walk Through Tour Package

What is an Interactive walk through tour?

This package is most likely nothing like you have seen before. Our walk through tours are essentially numerous full 360 degree spherical panoramic photographs embedded into a floor plan. You can then walk around inside and outside of the property as if you were there.

How is this different from other virtual tours I see with other photographers?

Standard virtual tours are simply a 1 location panoramic shot. These are generally a flat panoramic photo only showing you a horizontal view with no ability to look up or down. They are normally taken in only specific rooms and do not give you a fully immersive experience of the property.

What do I get with the tour package?

With our integrated tour package you will receive a branded (and unbranded) tour, a branded floor plan with dimensions and square footage plus unlimited high resolution, screen and MLS ready photographs all in one package. We will send you a link to the tour and photo gallery where you can download your choice of images.

How long does it take to shoot a tour?

It generally takes us around 15-30 minutes per 1000 square feet.

Is the tour Virtual Reality ready?

Yes, it is. Every tour we do can be viewed in VR (Virtual Reality) on a Google cardboard headset. You need to download the application (currently android only) from here.

How should I prepare the property?

Like photography, the property needs to be ready for us to shoot. In addition, we shoot a lot more of the property to capture the data and shots of every room, so the property needs to be uncluttered. If the weather permits and the property is suitable, we will shoot outside of the house to give the potential buyers a much better experience of the property. Please ensure you follow the preparation checklist when you book our tour. It can be downloaded here

What is the turnaround time?”

You are required to book in the property as soon as possible to allow us to create a time slot for the job to be processed. We generally require 2 days notice, and you are required to complete our booking form with the property information. Once shooting has been completed, your photos are generally ready the next business day, and the tour/floor plans will be ready within 2 to 3 business days. Please note: If a job has to be rescheduled to a different day, you may lose your position in the production line and this will create a delay in the final product being delivered.

How much notice do you need for a cancel or rescheduled?

We require 24 hours advanced notice for a cancellation or if you need to reschedule. Our technicians are very busy and appointment times need to be booked in accordingly. If the home is not ready or excessive delays happen while we are measuring, then we may need to re-book, and this will most likely result in additional fees. Please see our terms and conditions for further information.

Can I make changes once the job has been completed?

Yes, we can make changes to the floor plan and the images, but not to the 360 panoramic tour itself. If you would like something removed from the tour, please ensure this has been done before we arrive. If you would like the images or floor plan altered or enhanced, please let us know. Additional charges may apply.

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